Saturday, May 14, 2011

PCA and some gorgeous whippet boys

Following my AWC National adventure, I went to the Poodle Club of America National Specialty in Salisbury, MD. No, I don't have any poodles, but I have done a lot of poodle artwork! I met with Michael and Murray, who had a booth there, featuring my artwork and some lovely original statues. I was there so people could "meet the artist."

The poodle show was incredible, beautiful dogs. I am sharing a couple photos I took of the ring. It is in an expo center, but they actually bring in sod so the dogs have a grass surface to show on. In the corners of the rings, beautiful decorations which included life size poodles made of flowers! So cool.

While there, I met with Steve Surfman and his wife Lisa, as Steve was doing the photography. Steve and Lisa got two whippet boys from me, and boy are they maturing and looking good. Milo, the older one wasn't as co-operative for his photo that day so I am in it, but Sloan handled it like a pro and we got some pretty good photos of him. The boys really looked great and they sure love Steve and Lisa!!


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