Thursday, September 24, 2009

News Update

I have been super busy and not posting as much as I want to so here is a post to update readers on the doings (and mishaps) at Sowagla Whippets.

All my pups have gone to their new homes now, the last one delivered at the Southern Specialty in Atlanta. My keeper, Perdita, went along and had a good time, but now misses her sister Mimi. She is getting over it though, as I am giving her lots of attention.

In the show news, Koda got 2 more points on the Tarheel Circuit in Raleigh. Now she just needs 2 additional to complete her championship.

At the Southern Specialty in Atlanta, I show Robbie all 4 days of regular shows and the 2 sweepstakes. He was either 1st or 2nd place despite the fact he wanted to play, I was very proud of him. Merlin got a 4th in Open on one of the two days I showed him.

I also got to show a dog I co-bred, the Arthur son Oberon, Ch Dynia Sowagla Oberon. His owner Paige (who is also now owner of pup Mimi) had foot surgery and wasn't allowed to run yet. I showed him 3 days and at the Supported Entry on Friday, he got BOS to the beautiful Chanel, over some other nice male specials. We are very proud of him too!

Now for the mishap. After I got home, my young bitch Faith broke her right front leg. She was playing in the yard and I really don't know how it happened. Poor baby. It was a clean break so my vet was able to use a cast. I have added a photo of Faith in her cast too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Puppies all leaving for new homes

Sonya and Heather will be leaving on Monday, Andre on Saturday and Mimi next week, just leaving me with my keeper Perdita. It is always sad to see the pups leave, but happy that they are going to such good homes.

And I get so many lovely photos. Here are a few more of the beautiful Steve Surfman photos from Rehobeth beach. This pup is Milo (was Iago). Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sonya and Heather, Myles x Buffy girls

I have two female puppies still available from the litter of CH Sowagla Quick Silver to Taejann x Shamasan Houndhill In The Buff litter. They are 10 weeks old now, Sonya is red brindle with a black mask and Heather is blue brindle with a blue mask. They are outgoing, happy pups with great personalities. Feel free to contact me at for an application if you think you would like one of these girls to join your family.

Beautiful photos to share

Here are a few of the fabulous photos taken by Steve Surfman of Iago, whose name has now been changed to Milo. It looks like Milo had a wonderful time at Rehobeth Beach with his owners Steve and Lisa.

My keeper pup, Perdita

The decision is finally made and Perdita will be staying here at Sowagla. I look forward to showing this sweet, pretty, blue brindle in the future.