Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AWC National News

OK, I admit, I am a bit belated here in posting about the National since it was the beginning of April, but I have been so busy...... (excuses, excuses) This year's national was again a great one, with good attendence, tons of beautiful whippets and lots of fun. The show committee made sure it was a National to remember. For those who have never been, the National is always held in April but moves around to different parts of the country. It is always held in the ballroom of a nice hotel. This years was at the Marriott Griffin Gate Hotel/Resort in Lexington, KY. What a beautiful part of the country and the hotel was top notch. Imagine one whole section of the hotel filled with whippets with 612 entered in conformation, and a total of 931 entries in all the events, which include, sweeps, futurity, obedience and rally. Plus prior to the show at the hotel, there was a coursing event nearby. I didn't go to that. I was vendor chair this year and was at the hotel helping the vendors get situated. And wow, the vendors, everything you could want whippet related! I myself, have only a couple little brags; a second place in Novice bitch with Tyme and a 4th in Brace with the boys, Merlin and Robbie.

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