Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Arthur

Arthur, CH Sowagla Myth Maker turned 10 on July 4th. We celebrated with extra goodies and today a photo session. Arthur is several generations of Sowagla breeding with a strong sire line of Champions and is linebred on CH Surrey Hill's Houston ROMX.

I don't have alot of baby pictures of Arthur as I didn't have a good camera at the time, but he was a standout with a lot of presence. He proved himself with that presence in the show ring and gave me some of my most thrilling wins, including an AWC supported entry win, a placement as a youngster at the AWC National, and then the following year went Winners Dog at the 2000 AWC National. He finished with three majors. Then he got a select at the Southern Specialty.

Arthur got to be a race dog for a while after finishing, competing in CWA, NOTRA and WRA. At the 2001 WRA National he received a trophy for High Scoring Bench Champion.

Arthur hasn't been used at stud extensively, but he has produced 6 Champions, more being shown and (hopefully) a litter on the way.

He is definitely King Arthur at home with my bed as his throne, there he takes his toys.... and is good about not unstuffing them, at least when they are new. He likes the ones that make funny noises the best.

Almost every day I let him run loose on the property for his "big circle" where he runs full out around our large garage and then back to the door. He really is a special guy..... Happy Birthday Arthur.

Miss Maya

Older whippets are special and I want to share some thoughts and photos.....

Miss Maya turned 10 in Nov. 2007 and so is the oldest here at Sowagla right now. She was born in Florida before I moved to North Carolina and was co-bred with Carolyn Bowers of Surrey Hill's fame. Her daddy was CH Surrey Hill Rouge of Chelsea and her mom was Lyon's-Surrey Hill's Scarlet from the successful cross of Houston ROMX and Misty's Sure to Tick ROMX. Maya was never real enthusiastic about showing but finished and became CH Sowagla Masquerade. Maya is camera shy and so it has always been difficult to get good photos of her, but she has the most beautiful eyes, so typical and sought after in a whippet, deep dark round liquid pools. Maya is quiet and unassuming and just an all-round good girl. I cherish her.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Photo from Richmond

Want to share photo of Merlin winning the points in Richmond. Had two photos taken, one each day, but this turned out the best. The judge here is Mr. Joe Tacker.