Sunday, April 19, 2009

And gorgeous Oberon, and a tale of a loose whippet

Here is Paige Zalnoski, my dear friend showing her wonderful special Oberon, CH Dynia Sowagla Oberon. This photo was taken by her husband Michael since Paige was in the ring. Oberon is a real look-alike of his daddy Arthur, my special boy Ch Sowagla Myth Maker who was WD at the 2000 AWC National Specialty.
I have to add here what a hero Michael was at the National. He only came one day to spend with us as he was transporting some goods in a large trailer on his monthly run. When heading to the hotel in the morning he spotted a whippet running loose so he immediately followed. Unknown to him, a little bitch had escaped from her pen. Anyway, he followed her in his van for over 4 miles, keeping between her and the busy road. After 4 miles she finally stopped from exhaustion. Michael got out of the van and the bitch still wouldn't let him approach her, so he LAID DOWN IN THE ROAD and she came to investigate... then he grabbed her leg and so caught her. Her owner was so stunned as she was thinking the worst. A happy ending!!

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