Sunday, July 6, 2008

Miss Maya

Older whippets are special and I want to share some thoughts and photos.....

Miss Maya turned 10 in Nov. 2007 and so is the oldest here at Sowagla right now. She was born in Florida before I moved to North Carolina and was co-bred with Carolyn Bowers of Surrey Hill's fame. Her daddy was CH Surrey Hill Rouge of Chelsea and her mom was Lyon's-Surrey Hill's Scarlet from the successful cross of Houston ROMX and Misty's Sure to Tick ROMX. Maya was never real enthusiastic about showing but finished and became CH Sowagla Masquerade. Maya is camera shy and so it has always been difficult to get good photos of her, but she has the most beautiful eyes, so typical and sought after in a whippet, deep dark round liquid pools. Maya is quiet and unassuming and just an all-round good girl. I cherish her.

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